Friday, September 22, 2023

Forgive me my child, I did not abandon you.

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The amazing story on Saturday on EBS. Forgive me, my child, I did not abandon you. Besides being an artist, Lily has worked in the tourism industry for some time and has always wanted to spread the beauty she sees in her country and continent through tourism around the world. She is convinced of Africa’s untapped tourism potential and believes that tourism revenue alone can transform people’s lives and boost the country’s GDP growth. “I believe tourism can also help with the cultural transmission, people-to-people understanding, interaction, and relaxation,” Lilly acknowledges the breadth of potential for tourism in Africa. For Lilly, cultural and natural heritage is a valuable resource that contributes to the unique tourist attractions of each country. She understands how this heritage can be used for sustainable tourism development while preserving and promoting heritage values ​​for future generations is a difficult task that she respects and accepts. . Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Miss Tourism Africa is a global search for exceptional young women whose beauty, grace, dynamic personality and intelligence set them apart from the rest in today’s Afro communities around the world. increase. Knowing the allure of African women, whether continental or diaspora, the company hosts an annual beauty pageant that showcases each country’s traditions, culture, and beauty on behalf of outstanding women from each country.

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