Friday, September 22, 2023

Ethiopia’s auto and housing business has reached a ridiculous level

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Awaze news analysis on current Ethiopia’s auto and housing business. Almost all countries saw a reversal of human development in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, with most low, medium, and high HDI countries experiencing sustained declines in the second year. The past two years have seen a flurry of crises, interacting with massive social and economic shifts and dangerous planetary shifts to wipe out billions of people around the world. It had a devastating effect on people. UNDP’s latest Human Development Report – Uncertain Times, Precarious Lives: Shaping Our Future in a Transforming World – reveals how layers of uncertainty stack and interact in unprecedented ways. claim to be shaking up lives. The current pandemic has not only damaged people’s health and mental well-being, but it has also devastated economies and exacerbated gender inequalities. For example, gender inequality is growing almost globally, and the world suffers an increase of 6.7%. Contrary to the trend, South Asian economies such as Bangladesh and Bhutan showed improvement. The report also suggests that stress, sadness, anger, and worry have increased over the past decade and are now at record levels. On average, each country spends less than 2% of its health budget on mental health, limiting access to mental health services for citizens worldwide. Anxiety, inequality, and insecurity go hand in hand with polarization and lack of trust.

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