Friday, September 22, 2023

Ethiopian habesha wedding entrance

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Amazing Ethiopian habesha wedding entrance. In the Bible, the greatest book was ever written, we read of God’s glory and his passionate love for his creation. The first couple enjoyed his fellowship, walking and talking with him in what was no doubt the most incredible garden ever. They knew him, and they knew each other. They were confidants and companions, blessed with affection and pleasure in each other’s company. The opening sentence of their marriage vows —“bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh”— illustrates the supreme joy of being connected as one. Analogies throughout both the Old and the New Testament tell of God’s love for us as a husband’s love for his wife, comparing heaven to a wedding banquet, and where the ultimate bridegroom, God’s only Son, was sent to die on the cross for his bride, the church. One of the greatest songs ever—the Bible’s Song of Songs—was composed by Solomon, the wisest man who had ever existed. In it he extolls the supreme bliss of an intimate marriage, describing love and attraction that is both intense and deep. Solomon portrays the profound preciousness of love—its beauty, delights, and overwhelming power, and says all that one possesses cannot purchase such love— it is God’s gift to us, manifested in its fullest form in our marital unions, and is both passionate and companionate. The Apostle Paul declares this profound and marvelous gift to be the “great mystery” finally revealed. It is the union between Christ and his people, as one flesh. Such companionship and intimacy are a profound gift to be marveled at and enjoyed, bringing contentment and happiness. And in so enjoying, we bring glory to him—the creator of perhaps the greatest gift ever.

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