Friday, September 22, 2023

Ethiopian artist Yoadan Ephrem

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The unseen photo collection of Yordan Ephrem. There will be no such probability. Congo Airways was not successful, and it did not grow. It is not in a favorable environment that can enable it to grow. That is why the DRC government sought to establish another airline with us. The airline business is not a simple task. It requires monumental management discipline. It must be highly efficient and cost-effective. We do not think Congo Airways fulfills these ingredients. Ethiopian Airlines invests in foreign airlines only when they have the potential to grow and become profitable. Otherwise, we do not take equity in airlines that cannot grow. Under the current status of Congo airways, Ethiopian Airlines is not willing to have a stake. We designed ASKY as a replica of Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopian Airlines has been profitable for years. This is because it operates as a commercial entity, cost-effectively, with leadership integrity, autonomous decision-making, prudent work culture, and many other principles. ASKY is established on these principles. We have no doubt ASKY will grow robustly and become a top-profiting airline. The Malawi airline is also in the same pattern but is facing certain market limitations because of its geographic location. Yet it has many prospects. Most African airlines, including Congo and Nigeria, succumbed to problems because they lacked pure working principles. They lack vision, leadership, capacity, and other limitations.

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