Friday, September 22, 2023

Entertaining one-man drama by Yared Sisay

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Employer doll employee mask by Yared Sisay. Entertaining one-man drama by Yared Sisay. Leya uses techniques and materials from her home and community to create repeating paternal shapes, abstract geometrical lines, and vibrant colors that evoke culture, tribe, nature, and feelings. “I create art that ranges from figurative to abstract,” she explained. Leya said the event was fantastic and that she had the pleasure and opportunity to network with international artists, and that representing her country on a global stage was an honor for her as an artist. “It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life to be able to represent my country and win several awards. I felt extremely honored to be a part of it all,” Leya said. Leya represented Ethiopia positively, having won several awards. The festival provided good exposure for visiting artists while also exposing Qatar to the vibrant cultures of other countries, especially as the country prepares to host World Cup nations. Leya intends to bring her work to her homeland in the future, where she will exhibit it to the public soon. She states unequivocally that she would return her work to her roots and give back to her country, which has given her so much. “In the future, my main goal is to raise the value and awareness of art in Ethiopia. By doing so, I hope to help talented people get big opportunities all over the world by sharing, learning, and exchanging our culture. I am excited to challenge society to learn about cultural differences and to make a difference,” Leya stated.

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