Friday, September 22, 2023

Entertaining Ethiopian videos of the week

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The Ethiopian couples’ controversial video and Entertaining Ethiopian videos of the week. The accuser sprinkles his denunciations with tired political jargon playing the patriotic card and gesturing to his handlers, “See! I’m doing my homework with passion!” The fellow goes on to say, “He isn’t playing his role in our organization’s development efforts;” What! What the hell was that about? What that was about is the decision has probably been made to put our model employee on the chopping block. His accuser wasn’t some employee with a chicken brain acting on his own; no, this was a carefully planned strategy to force him to play second fiddle to the powers that were. He has failed to go with the flow, and it was time to teach him ‘conformity 101.’ The battle lines, so to say, were drawn. Confirmation came when a few others echoed the same accusations and by the time they finished his name, his reputation, and his sense of well-being were carpet-bombed to splinters. Their vocabulary became so rude they tittered on the verge of personal insults; it was as if each one of them was trying to prove who threw the hardest punch. On the receiving end was a guy who didn’t deserve any of this.

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