Friday, September 22, 2023

Don`t give me an arguing partner and an old car – Frash Adash

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Don’t give me an arguing partner and an old car – Frash Adash by Tesfahun Kebede. During the 20th century in Ethiopia, a man named Bejrond Teklehawariat Teklemariam who was educated in France, had a big impact on theatre.

He changed the way plays were written and performed. My belief systems, government views, or financial situations. Ethiopia is a country in Africa that has a rich history and was an important place for trade and ancient civilizations. Yonas Adamu Chernet (2014) said that Ethiopia has a history that goes back 3,000 years. The people in Ethiopia have a way of running their government.

This system allows people to have opinions that are either positive or negative about how they are being governed. When people decide whether they like or dislike the government, they express their opinions differently. In Ethiopia, some people use a type of theater called “satire” to show how they feel about the government and important political leaders. Ayalkibet is a big man wearing a bright white suit.

He is promising to do something important. He raises his hand and looks serious while he promises to manage his café well. Four coworkers agree by nodding their heads. “But just for a month,” says someone who is repeating what they read. Ayalkibet doesn’t follow that rule; his coworkers become afraid and look at him. A funny TV show in Ethiopia called “Min Litazez?” is about a manager who wants to stay in his job for longer.

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