Friday, September 22, 2023

Dagi’s answer to an audience’s question

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Dagi’s answer to an audience’s question. 100 questions with Dagi. The Power of Now is a classic self-help book. It sold millions of copies and frequently appears on lists of influential self-help books, even as it passes the 20th anniversary of its first edition. We’re taking a look at the key messages of the book and how you can apply The Power of Now to your own life. Written by Eckhart Tolle in 1997, The Power of Now explores presence, thinking, and spirituality.

The book explains how thinking can introduce needless pain and suffering, and how to reduce this in your life by living in the present. Eckhart Tolle is a well-known spirituality writer. Originally born in Germany, he lived in Spain and England before settling in Canada shortly before writing The Power of Now. You are not your mind.

The untrained mind is a huge barrier to enlightenment and inner peace. Rather than understanding inner peace, it’s more important to feel inner peace. Once you’re free from the mind, you can observe and listen to the mind as a third party. This separation makes it easier to recognize how your mind influences your life.

The brain should be rested. Unceasing use of the brain often results in negative thoughts or unnecessary over-thought. A key part of enlightened relationships is making room for love and peace by removing judgment from your partner and others around you. The ego is a demanding false self. Being free from the ego is essential to enjoying the present.

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