Friday, September 22, 2023

Congratulation artist Bezawit Mesfin

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Ethiopian artist Bezawit Bezawit Mesfin was honored for her works. Congratulation artist Bezawit Mesfin. According to Tesfaye Zewde, Communications Director of the Institute, the conference was the first in Africa and showed the country’s potential as a technology hub for Africa. “This is Africa’s first pan-African AI Expo conference. Our labs have selected cutting-edge technologies to demonstrate the capabilities of start-ups and government agencies,” he explains Tesfaye. . Key areas highlighted at the conference included public services, cybersecurity, agriculture, public health, geographic information systems, reliability, and ethics. At the expo, a locally-made artificial intelligence robot called ‘Selam’ was on display, and children and adults gathered around the robot in cultural clothing to exchange greetings. Even though the exhibit was the highlight of the museum visit, civilians wandered around the grounds in amazement at the massive solar system, green spaces, roof exhibits, and giant domed theater with doors still open. Open to visitors. The 3D cinema doors have yet to open, but the 24-meter-tall, 450-square-meter area draws attention with whispers and the constant sound of cameras breaking. It can accommodate up to 200 people at once. Museums are places specially designed to preserve ancient and modern technology in various fields. In addition to the science museum, the project includes a children’s playground, wedding gardens, and other recreational facilities.

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