Friday, September 22, 2023

But know that the Amhara brand has changed Meskerem Abera

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But know that the Amhara brand has changed Meskerem Abera. Ethiopia consumes on average over 1 million tons of fertilizer per year. 60000 tons is our modest contribution to Ethiopia. What led us to determine the donation here is the consumption and volume of demand in Ethiopia which is a large fertilizer-consuming country. Moreover, OCP is a key strategic partner to Ethiopia not only as a supplier of agricultural inputs but also due to our presence since 2016 that have enabled us to be well accustomed to the demand., Thus we pushed for a donation that takes into consideration the country’s general consumption. The donation is contingent on the country’s use of fertilizers. Even though there is no set formula in which the OCP group allocates these donations, it’s important to understand that among the many criteria, we looked at the need of the country within our capacity. The project in Dire Dawa is still on the table and OCP is committed to realizing the project. This project is a partnership between the two, Ethiopia and Morocco governments, and it is based on the complementarities of naturalization between both parties. To produce fertilizers, we need some raw materials and with Ethiopia’s gas and Morocco’s phosphates, this project will be revolutionary. The government of Ethiopia is pushing for this project and for the gas production part the Poly GCL has failed to start the construction, thus we faced some delays on this project. I think there are issues to be solved and we are working closely with the government on the follow-up because we need the gas for our production. In this regard, we also appreciate the Ministry of Mines for putting pressure on Poly GCL to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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