Friday, September 22, 2023

Big-footed adult and world’s shortest mother, Eshale

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Wonderful born with unique nature. Big-footed adult and the world’s shortest mother, Eshale. In the first place, it is important to always look around us and see if others that we are close to, can still follow our pace. This is an important principle to follow for anybody who is in a leadership position, whether in the business, the family, in church, at school, or indeed in the Government. We need to check always if there is anybody or if there are groups of people that fall behind, and that cannot keep up with the pace set by the frontrunners. There are many reasons why some or even many cannot keep up, for example, illness, weakness, poverty, lack of access to resources and services, or the lack of opportunity, just to name a few. The second lesson we can draw from this is that recognizing reasons why others remain behind, gives us now the opportunity to do something about it. We can slow down, provide support, help somebody, encourage them, empower somebody, provide opportunities, and show the way. Indeed, Ethiopia enjoys steep economic growth, but who can keep up with the pace, and who is remaining behind? What then can be done to close the gap? Thirdly, Haile finished 5th, and although not fast enough for a medal, that was still a very remarkable result. He still indeed outpaced most of the runners that started the race. But the gap between him and the frontrunners grew wider. We see the same thing happen in economics in general and doing business in particular.

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