Friday, September 22, 2023

Bekaris Gobe speaks about the current situation in Worke

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Sad information from Worke. Bekaris Gobe speaks about the current situation in Worke. At the moment we have 10x more transactions than them, not sure if that’s an advantage, but we’ll see in the future. Many people will soon be using HelloCash. We are also working on microfinance. Places like the Somalia region are prime examples of where Somalia’s microfinance, now Shevel Bank, flourished at the time. We also worked with Oromia Cooperative Bank, but he failed, probably for two reasons. One is that I didn’t think the offer was a good value as I work with farmers who take a long time to repay their loans, but being a dealer is all about speed, buying, and selling. Invoice And a company that only works to pay bills is a big mistake. That’s nonsense. This cripples the entire industry as Ethiopia has all the technical capabilities to cater to everyone and no one company alone can do this exclusively. But bills and other payments such as traffic fines are not lucrative businesses that mobile money platforms can monopolize. Trading all traffic fines for a year would be done with just 2.4 million users a day. Paying bills has never created a payments economy. Despite being a way of doing business, paying bills is small in quantity and the last thing on our minds.

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