Friday, September 22, 2023

Artists Bezuayehu and Tigist express their condolence

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Interview with artists Bezuayehu Demisse and Tigist Afework on Tadias Addis. Whether it’s a friend coping with the sudden loss of a spouse or a colleague whose mom recently passed, sharing your heartfelt sympathy lets them know that they’re not alone and that you’re thinking of them. He was prominent for his traditional songs. In connection with the war with TPLF, he, along with other singers, traveled to war fronts to entertain members of the Ethiopian Defense Force. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed conveyed the message of condolences on his social media page. “I am saddened by Artist Madingo Afework. He is an artist who has done much for his country in his short life. He endured his illness when the country was attacked and went to the war front to inspire the army. He has motivated recruits. May his soul rest in peace,” PM wrote.
He also entertained recruits in military training camps. Mandigo was born and grew up in Gonder. He started music at an early age in military barracks near the areas where he grew up in Gondar, according to the report by ENA. He was only ten when he came to Addis Ababa to join the “Zema Lastas” Music Band. “Wusejiat”, “Tizta”, “Aman New Woy Goraw” and “Siyame Atahulat” are some of his prominent songs that are considered by his fans timeless pieces. Following the news of his death, the Ethiopian social media platforms are stormed with expressions of deepest sympathy from his fans and friends.

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