Friday, September 22, 2023

Artist Tariku Birhanu’s farewell program at the national theater

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Artist Tariku Birhanu’s farewell program at the national theater. Tariku had a passion for acting since childhood, due to which Tariku worked in more than 40 Ethiopian movies at the age of 38. He Won many accolades and awards for his acting and role-playing. The movies in which Tariku acted during his acting career Bletena, Bole Mangeka, The Engineers, Reconciliation, Martreza, My Life, Life, and Laughter, The Foolish Son of Arada, Like Husband and Wife, Love and Facebook, Beyond Words, Heavy Weight, Erika, My Case, Your Country, Laundry Boy, Our Star, Mechesh – Son of Arada 2. He also acted in Searching for Marriage, ABCD of Love, Love Me Don’t Steal, One Two, My Brother Jacob, As a Joke, Woto Adder, The Cave, Fatherland, The Nanny’s Sons, My Bird Stopped, Swallow Us, Gossip, 300k. Tariku Birhanu was a young Ethiopian actor, director, producer, and artist. He was born in 1977 (Ethiopian calendar year) and raised in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Birhanu started acting at a very young age and grew up to be the film industry’s new prodigy. In his brief but memorable acting career, he worked in over 40 Amharic movies. Some of his most notable performances came in films like Laundry Boy, Love and Facebook, The Engineers, Kebad Mizan, Abat Hager, Martreza, Wondime Yakob, and Ye’Arada Lij.

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