Friday, September 22, 2023

Alemayehu speaks about why Babylon Be Salon Theater came off the stage

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Ethiopian Artist Alemayehu Tadesse speaks about why Babylon Be Salon Theater came off the stage. Babylon BeSalon recently celebrated its tenure as the longest-running play in the National Theatre’s history. The milestone highlights the potential of theatre to bring together audiences – and as an important cultural experience and revenue-generating enterprise. EBR adjunct writer Meseret Mamo spoke with theatregoers and the playwright, among others, to learn more about Babylon’s influence and how it may help expand Ethiopia’s theatre industry. Recently, the Ethiopian theatre community witnessed a milestone. A play entitled Babylon BeSalon secured the record of being the longest-running theatrical work that’s been performed in the National Theatre’s 60-year history.
Throughout its 11-year run, the play, which is categorised as a comedy, has gained a devoted following. It also enjoys a high number of spectators during its performances. Even though it is staged weekly Friday at 5:30 PM – the number of spectators is competitive with the amount that watches plays on Sunday afternoon, a popular viewing day for theatregoers. Its allure is even a mystery for the author of the play, Wudneh Kifle, who has written 13 other works. He also has another play currently in production entitled Kitiltil Kokeboch. Although Wudneh considers another play he wrote, Yetafene Chuhet, which was staged in 2004/05 a masterpiece, it is Babylon BeSalon that is garnering the most attention. The reasons for its popularity elude the playwright. “I can’t figure it out myself; eight other theatres that I wrote after Babylon are no longer being performed on stage and there are many other comedies but this one seems to be a favourite among audiences,” he told EBR. The 44-year-old playwright has an illustrious career in the arts, having written more than 60 radio dramas; 16 television dramas, including Mogachochu’s third and fourth seasons, which are currently on air; and two novels.

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