Friday, September 22, 2023

Adey drama Episode 37

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Ethiopian tv drama series Adey drama season 1 episode 37. Luam warns Marcon not to spoil the wedding. Mrs. Roman decides to transfer her property to Eyasu’s name. The answer lies in human potential. We have come a long way in actually reducing hunger: hunger levels have been halved and child malnutrition and stunting have also decreased dramatically.

Government actions to improve agriculture, provide vitamin supplements to children through health counseling services, stimulate the economy, and reduce poverty have all led to a reduction in malnutrition. It has become clear that nutrition to achieve perfect health has two goals. The first is access to enough energy and strength to maintain weight and energy. The second concerns what we call micronutrients in nutrition.

These are all the elements found in fish, dairy, vegetables, and meat that enable humans to reach their full potential. However, last year, a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report examined the cost of the staple food, full starch, and the cost of a complete diet with enough vitamins and minerals for good health.

It turns out that starch costs five times as much as the main deficient diet. However, the years of data we have submitted to FAO show that the average Ethiopian diet gets 70% of its energy from starch. The same record shows common deficiencies in essential nutrients such as vitamin A and folic acid.

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