Friday, September 22, 2023

Abinet Agonafir’s ‘Atkelkelugn’ new Ethiopian music

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Ethiopian artist Abinet Agonafir’s ‘Atkelkelugn’ new Ethiopian music 2023. Abinet Agonafir was born in 1976 in the southeastern Ethiopian city of Awasa, about 270 kilometers from the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Abinet – or AB, as his friends know him – moved to Addis Ababa in 1977. He go to a school known as Yekatiti 23 in 1983 While there, he participated in clubs where he developed his music, poem, and short story writing skills. AB received much encouragement from his classmates and teachers, to which he attributes his success. He joined the Mestawet Music and theater club to further develop his skills.

He took up keyboards at that time and played with various bands, including the Hi Fas and Nyala bands. Later, he started singing and also embarked on a career writing music and lyrics for up-and-coming artists. This talent led to his recruitment to perform in various venues throughout the Middle East.

While on the road, AB started planning the release of his debut album and began work on the music and lyrics that would bring him closer to fulfilling his dream. Abinet Agonafir is one of the few gifted and multi-talented artists who have extraordinary skills in singing, songwriting, film scripting, and music composing. So far he has produced three best-selling albums named “DibikWubet”, “Wuleta” and “Astaraki”. With these albums, he has achieved a wide range of acceptance and admiration all over Ethiopia and abroad.

Almost all of the lyrics and melodies have been created by him. Abinet also contributes his talent to many other famous and rising young artists. Abinet is a very hard-working, humble, and disciplined citizen. His previous high-quality and standard works have brought him firm respect among his gigantic fans. Abinet has performed many successful music tournaments in Addis Ababa and many other major cities of Ethiopia. He also traveled around the world and delivered his work magnificently. USA, Europe, UAE, and Israel were among the few countries he has traveled to and delivered his talent.

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