Friday, September 22, 2023

A young woman had an unexpected encounter on her wedding eve

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The story of a young woman who had an unexpected encounter on her wedding eve. My memory is pretty bad, but the memory of those days still hasn’t disappeared. I remember being annoyed by little things. I grew up with all kinds of games: soccer, games with bad graphics, and card games I had the best time. I remember going to the video rental center and handing over my brother and sister’s IDs to get the movie on VHS. I remember there was a handwritten title on the cover. Playing a VHS was a different story if it didn’t work. Do not cover the player with dust or slide paper on it. My favorite was the cassette. Struggling to get to the part of the song you want to hear. And then you have to turn to the other side. Again, a ballpoint pen or little finger always helps when fast-forwarding doesn’t work. I was the last child, so my brothers and sisters had a lot of fun. And when I hear them, I envy them because they had the craziest children. think. But a loss they didn’t have in the first place. I am in my twenties, but I am very old. Well, the song doesn’t make sense anymore and the lyrics are about things that don’t matter years ahead and people won’t care.

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