Friday, September 22, 2023

A night of honor and appreciation for the crew of Eregnaye drama

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A night of honor for the writers and actors of the Eregnaye tv drama. The drama set is based on rural villages wherein mutually benefited people live together. Soon after, their relationship became spoiled and filled with rivalry among one another regarding the land due to wealth accommodations. An investor wants to grab the land of these safe pacific people whose culture is drawn from the cooperative and longtime culture and tradition. The residents of Abnet village are struggling to preserve their culture and identity with their farming ability. Aba Bekalu, one of the respected leaders among the residents, is a very generous and patriotic person who wants cooperation and protection of the ingroup. In response, the society opened a school. One day, Aba Bekalu’s daughter Wegayehu premaritally gave birth a few days before her grand wedding and Aba Bekalu died suddenly after hearing that news. This caused great turmoil and grief among the residents, and Wegayehu moved to a far region to avoid blame from the residents. Wegayehu feels responsible for violating the social norms. This violation could be compensated by his grandson named Dawit and a shepherd named Enana.

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