Friday, September 22, 2023

A candle-lighting ceremony was held for Adonai

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Justice for Adonai. A candle-lighting ceremony was held for Adonai. I have been planting trees for the last more than 30 years. I am mostly known for that and I am happy that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has centered the same into a government strategy. When I paid a visit to the countryside, there was a visible change as I have seen so many fruits increase which consequently lead to increased income for farmers. I believe this is a great initiative and it ought to continue. Of course, planting is easy, but protecting the plant is another story. Therefore we should strive to also protect the plant ad the strategy ought to change with the location. Overall in my opinion, if from the planting, 20 percent grow on to grow, this will be a huge success. AFSA was first conceived in Ethiopia by a group of individuals and was launched in South Africa in December 2011. We want to open offices in Ethiopia but the problem is that you cannot take foreign currency out of Ethiopia when it comes in. Since AFSA works to distribute its support to its members from money it gets from funders, it is difficult for us to set up an office. We are planning to open an office in Central Africa soon. As a government, no question that feeding the population is a necessity. We can delve into decreasing imports to reduce dependency but the question of resilience must equally be addressed.

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