Friday, September 22, 2023

7 innovative technologies that can help people with disabilities

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TechTalk With Solomon S22 E12 – 7 innovative technologies that can help people with disabilities. Information and communications technology (ICT) has been identified as an important aspect of the wider strategy for the social inclusion of students with disabilities. The following are some of the common approaches utilized: The distance learning home is accessible to students with disabilities. Distance courses allow students with disabilities to continue living at home while studying, sharing documents and lessons, exchanging ideas, and making presentations. Using a computer is a common component of the training and studying process. Students with intellectual, hearing, or reading disabilities, impaired sight, dyslexia, and other disabilities are now able to follow educational courses via digital and audio libraries, accessing their material, content, and resources via the Internet. Students can connect from home and read or hear the relevant books, without having to go to the local university or library. People with disabilities are today using the Internet, which builds their capacity to communicate with each other at a distance. Using the Internet helps them to gather and understand public information and news, to participate in leisure interests with others, chat, shop, manage their finances, and write to authorities and friends.

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